After taking a much longer than anticipated absence from blogging, I am happy to say I am back and more than ready to overload you with new recipes and experiences! Since I last updated the blog, I was accepted to George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario for the Culinary Management program.  I moved to Canada in August of 2012 and have since been completing my first year in the two year program.  George Brown Chef School focuses on teaching classical french cuisine and starting with the basics in order to insure everyone has a solid foundation.  My first semester of the program I was extremely absent minded when it came to remembering to photograph my food before presenting it to the Chef to be marked, but I have made more of an effort since and will post the dishes I did capture as well as the recipes.  I promise to be much better at updating from here on out and hope you enjoy preparing these dishes as much as I did!

P.s.- I would like to express my thanks to my aunt, without whom I would not be able to be where I am and getting to learn about what I truly want to do with my life.  Since deciding to pursue the culinary field she has supported me 100% and given me the encouragement and advice I need to progress.  I hope to make her proud and hopefully soon cook some of these great dishes for her as opposed to just telling her about them.  Love you Aunt Suzanne! Xoxo



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