Crusted Rack of Lamb With Ratatouille & Dauphine Potatoes

This was taken after being tasted by my Chef so please ignore the messy plating! I just thought I would still post the picture to show the general appearance of each dish. Enjoy!
Crusted Rack of Lamb

Ingredients                 Quantity              Measure              Specificatioins

Lamb rack                        1                     Each                 Chine bone removed
Mirepoix                          90                      G            
Mustard, Dijon                 30                      G            
Bread crumbs                  60                      G            
Parsley                             3                    Sprigs                Chopped
Stock, brown                  250                     mL         
Wine, red                        60                      mL         
Oil, vegetable                   60                     mL         
Oil, olive                          30                      mL         
Garlic                               1                     Clove                 Puree
Rosemary                         1                    Sprig     
Corn starch                      10                      G            
Salt & pepper                                                                   To taste

1.            Trim and clean the lamb racks as per demonstration.
2.            Season and sear the lamb rack, place in roasting pan with mirepoix and lamb bones.
3.            Roast for 10-15 min. at 400® F in oven or until the rare stage, turn over during roasting.
4.            With the eye side up, brush lamb with mustard.
5.            Mix the bread crumbs, garlic and parsley with the olive oil and press the mixture on to the rack.
6.            Return lamb to oven until bread crumbs become golden brown and the desired doneness has been                    achieved.
7.            Remove lamb from pan and rest before carving (keep warm).
8.            Prepare a jus with the bones, mirepoix, wine and stock.
9.            Strain jus and serve with the lamb.
10.          Slice rack between each bone.
11.          Dress on a plate with potatoes, vegetables and a cordon of jus.

1.            It may be necessary to thicken the jus slightly with some cornstarch.  It will then become a Jus Lie.
2.            The roasting time for the rack in the oven all depends on size, temperature of the meat and the                        temperature of the oven.


Ingredients                 Quantity              Measure              Specifications

Eggplant                        100                      G                         Peeled
Zucchini                         100                      G            
Green peppers               100                      G            
Onions                          100                       G            
Garlic                               2                    Cloves                     Minced
Tomatoes                         2                     Each                      Peeled & seeded
Oil, olive                          45                      mL         
Parsley                             2                    Sprigs                     Chopped
Salt & black pepper                                                               To taste
Thyme, bay leaf,                                                                   To taste
basil & oregano                                             

1.            Dice the eggplant and the zucchini into 1 cm dice.
2.            Salt slightly and leave to drain in a colander.
3.            Cut onion and green pepper into 1 cm dice and sauté n 15 mL olive oil.
4.            Add the eggplant and zucchini. 
5.            Add the diced tomatoes with the garlic, herbs and seasonings, cove and stew gently until tender.

1.            Can also be placed in a mold lined with zucchini and baked.
2.            A traditional ratatouille is quite moist and stewed until all ingredients are very soft, often some tomato                juice/sauce is added

Dauphine Potatoes

Ingredients               Quantity              Measure              Specifications

Potatoes, white            500                      G                     Peeled
Choux Paste:                                    
Water                          125                     mL         
Hard flour                      75                      G            
Butter                            60                      G            
Eggs                               2                    Each      
Salt & white pepper                                                        To taste
Nutmeg or Mace                                                             To taste

1.            Cut potatoes to size, boil until soft in salted water, strain and dry in a warm oven.
2.            Prepare choux paste as per demonstration.
3.            Rice potatoes mix with choux paste and season.
4.            Shape as quenelle or pipe through a medium, plain or star tip onto silicon paper.
5.            Cut the paper between rows and deep fry.
6.            Turn out onto paper towel to drain.

1.            The usual ratio is 2/3 potatoes to 1/3 choux paste.
2.            This mixture is quite versatile and depending upon needs can be piped into a number of shapes.



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