Wild Rice Stuffed Cornish Hen with Orange (Triple Sec) Jus Lie, Braised Fennel with Gruyere Cheese, & Fondant Potatoes

Though this dish may appear to be lacking some color, once you cut into the Cornish Hen and reveal the stuffing it is an array of colors. Also, the sauce in this dish is reason enough to make it. It is so good you could drink it!
Wild Rice Stuffed Cornish Hen with Orange (Triple Sec) Jus Lie

Ingredients                 Quantity              Measure              Specifications

Cornish hen                    2                        Pc                   Approx. 500 g each
Onion                            60                       G                    Brunoise
Mushrooms                    30                       G                    Sliced
Wild rice                        60                       G                    Cooked
Pine nuts                       20                       G                    Toasted
Cranberries, dried          30                       G            
Mirepoix                        90                       G                    Small dice
Orange                          1                        Pc                   Juice and zest
Oil, vegetable                 60                      mL         
Butter                            60                       G            
Stock, chicken               240                      mL         
Wine, white                    30                      mL         
Triple sec                       30                      mL         
Parsley                            2                     Sprigs               Chopped
Salt & white pepper                                                         To taste
Cornstarch                      20                       G                   Approx.

1.            De-bone the hens from the back, leaving only the drumstick bones in place.  Do not perforate the skin.                 Refrigerate.
2.            Sweat the onion in 30g of butter until soft.
3.            Add the mushrooms and the cranberries and continue until mushrooms are done.
4.            Incorporate the cooked wild rice, pine nuts and the wine.
5.            Heat thoroughly, add parsley and adjust the seasoning, cool mixture until ready to use.
6.            Place hens skin side down and season.
7.            Divide the filling between the hens.
8.            Reshape the hens.  Truss the legs in an upward position.
9.            Wrap with oiled paper strips, baste with butter and roast on silicon paper.
10.          Prepare a jus lie from the bones, mirepoix, orange, stock, triple sec and cornstarch.
11.          Remove paper strips from hens and serve with the Triple sec jus lie.

1.            For a slightly darker jus, a small amount of caramelized sugar can be added.

Braised Fennel with Gruyere Cheese

Ingredients                 Quantity              Measurements             Specifications

Fennel                             1                          Pc
Carrot                            45                           G                         Paysanne
Celery                            45                           G                         Paysanne
Onion                             45                           G                         Paysanne
Garlic                               1                        Clove                      Crushed
Stock, white                   500                         mL         
Cheese, gruyere              60                           G                         Grated
Butter                             30                           G            
Salt, white pepper,
bay leaf, clove                                                                           To taste

1.            Wash and trim fennel, cut in half.
2.            Cut carrot, onion and celery into paysanne.
3.            Line the bottom of a sautoire with the mirepoix.  Add garlic.
4.            Place the fennel on top, cut side down.
5.            Add the seasoning and the hot stock.
6.            Flake the butter on top, cover with the buttered silicon paper or with a lid.
7.            Bring to a boil and braise until tender.
8.            Remove cooked fennel from a pan and slice or cut into wedges.
9.            Reduce the liquid to a glaze and coat the fennel.
10.          Sprinkle with the cheese and brown under the salamander or quickly broil in the oven.

Fondant Potatoes

Ingredients                 Quantity              Measure              Specifications

Potatoes, white                4                      Pc                       Peeled
Butter                            60                       G            
Stock, chicken               250                     mL         
Stock, brown                 250                     mL         
Salt & white pepper                                                            To taste

1.            Turn potatoes with pairing knife into large chateau-like potatoes.
2.            Butter a small sautoire with some of the butter.
3.            Place potatoes in sautoir, flat side down.
4.            Season potatoes and fill approximately half way up with hot stock.
5.            Baste liberally with more butter and place in 375®F oven.
6.            Keep basting with the rest of the butter during the cooking process.
7.            When potatoes are done, most of the liquid should be absorbed and evaporated and the potatoes will                have a golden brown top.
8.            Coat slightly with butter just before serving.


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