Braised, Mediterranean Style Rabbit Legs Served Over Soft Polenta & Savoy Cabbage Bundles

Due to lack of dishes we plated the soft polenta, braised rabbit legs, roasted rabbit loin, & savoy cabbage bundles all together on the same plate. Garnished with gremolata.
Braised Mediterranean Style Rabbit Legs

Ingredients             Quantity              Measurements         Specifications

Rabbit                         1                               Pc                        Hind legs only
Olives, (Sicilian)           50                              G                         Pitted and halved
Shallot                        1                                Pc                        Brunoise
Garlic                          2                            Cloves                      Puree
Onion                          60                              G                         Mirepoix
Celery                         30                              G                         Mirepoix
Carrot                         40                              G                         Mirepoix
Stock, white                750                            mL         
Wine, white                 100                            mL         
Glace de viande           20                              mL         
Oil, vegetable              30                              mL         
Butter                         40                               G           
Parsley, flat leaf           2                            Sprigs                      Stems, chopped
Thyme, fresh               1                            Sprig     
Bay leaf                       1                               Pc          
Flour                           15                              G            

Pine nuts                    20                               G                         Toasted and chopped
Lemon                        ¼                              Pc                         Zest only
Capers                       15                               G                         Chopped

1.            Divide the rabbit legs into 2 pieces each at the joint.
2.            Season and pan-fry in hot oil and butter until evenly browned in a sautoire.
3.            Remove the browned pieces and reserve.
4.            In the same pan add the remaining oil and butter and brown the mirepoix, dust with flour and toast for                a minute.
5.            Add the garlic and wine and reduce by half.
6.            Add the stock, the herbs and the browned rabbit pieces.
7.            Braise with a lid in the oven until tender and cooked (approx 45-60 min).
8.            Remove the cooked rabbit and keep warm.
9.            Strain the jus and reduce to a coating consistency, if necessary, and adjust the body with glace de                    viande.
10.          In a separate pan sweat the shallots until soft, add the olives and continue cooking for approximately               one minute.
11.          Add the jus and simmer for a few minutes.
12.          Return the rabbit to the pan and heat through.
13.          Finish the sauce with the gremolata to taste.
14.          Add chopped parsley, adjust seasoning and serve.

Savoy Cabbage Bundles

Ingredients         Quantity              Measurements     Specifications

Savoy cabbage          ¼                                                         Head    
Onion                      100                               G                     Julienne
Carrot                       80                               G                     Julienne
Garlic                         1                              Clove                 Minced
Butter                       30                               G            
Stock, white             200                              mL         
Thyme                       2                             Sprigs   
Salt & black pepper                                                             To taste


1.            Blanch the cabbage and remove outer leaves as they soften.
2.            Refresh the leaves and drain.
3.            Slice the heart of the cabbage into a course julienne.
4.            Melt the butter in a sautoire.
5.            Sweat the onion, garlic, carrot and cabbage gently without color.
6.            Season, add a splash of stock, cover and cook over low heat until tender (8-10 min).
7.            Remove from heat and cool.
8.            Fill each cabbage leaf with some of the vegetable julienne.
9.            Twist into balls in a cloth to shape.
10.          Place in a buttered sautoire, add seasoned stock and braise until done.

1.            Brush with a little melted butter before serving to give cabbage bundles a nice shine and appearance.

Soft Polenta

Ingredients         Quantity              Measure              Specifications

Corn meal                  80                         G            
Water                       500                       mL                      Salted & boiling
Salt & black pepper                                                          To taste
Butter                        60                         G                       (+/-)

1.            Salt the water and bring to almost a boil, pour in the corn meal slowly while stirring to avoid clumping.
2.            Stir while simmering until thickened and cooked. (Approximately 5-10 min).
3.            Adjust the seasoning and add the butter gradually until desired flavor.  Serve immediately.


1.            If not serving immediately, transfer to a bowl over a steam bath to keep warm and from hardening.                 Coating the top with butter will help prevent a skin from forming.
2.            Serve with the braised rabbit legs.



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