Braised Beef Short Ribs in a Red Wine Reduction with Glazed, Turned Vegetables & Israeli Couscous with Succotash and Roasted Red Pepper

Braised Beef Short Ribs in a Red Wine Reduction with Glazed Turned Vegetables

Ingredients         Quantity              Measure              Specifications

Beef, short ribs     900                       G                      4 pc x 225 g (3 bones, 2.5 cm thick)

Oil                       30                        mL         

Carrot                  50                         G                     Mirepoix

Onion                   80                         G                     Mirepoix

Celery                  40                         G                     Mirepoix

Flour                   20                          G            

Wine, red            250                        mL         

Stock, brown        1                           L             

Carrot, Yellow
Turnip, White       8                          Pc each             Turned, cooked & glazed with minimum sugar

Pearl onions        100                         G                     (8pc) Blanched & caramelized

Parsley                3                          Sprigs                Chopped

Garlic                  1                          Clove    

Bay leaf,
thyme,                1                                                    Spice bag
parsley stems           

Salt & black pepper                                                    To taste


1.            Season the short ribs with salt and pepper and pan-fry until brown in the oil.  Place them into a                        braising pan.
2.            Saute the mirepoix in the same pan in which the ribs were browned, until caramelized.
3.            Dust the browned mirepoix with the red wine and add it to the ribs.
4.            Cover the ribs and mirepoix with the brown stock and bring to a boil, adjust to simmer and add the                    spice bag.  Cover and place in an oven to braise slowly until the meat is tender.
5.            The braising liquid should be checked every 20 minutes or so, skimmed and de-greased and adjusted                accordingly.
6.            Once the meat is tender, (1 ½ - 2 hrs) transfer the ribs to a suitable serving container.  Skim,                            de-grease and reduce the sauce to the required consistency and adjust the seasoning.
7.            Pass the sauce through a fine chinois or piece of cheesecloth to finely strain.  Re-boil and serve with                    the short ribs.
8.            Dress the short ribs with the sauce, two pieces of each of the turned vegetables, the caramelized                        onions and finish with chopped parsley.

Israeli Couscous with Succotash and Roasted Pepper

Ingredients                 Quantity              Measure              Specifications

Israeli couscous              100                     G            

Lima beans, frozen          30                      G            

Corn kernels                   100                     G            

Pepper, red                    1                        Pc          

Butter                             60                      G            

Horseradish, fresh           20                      G                         Grated

Salt & black pepper                                                              To taste

1.            Cook the couscous in boiling, salted water for approximately 5-7 minutes, drain well.
2.            Roast the pepper over an open flame ensuring the pepper is evenly charred.  Char until it is all black                with no red showing through to ensure an easy peel.
3.            Set in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap until the pepper is cool enough to handle.
4.            Peel, remove the core and all the seed and cut into triangles and set aside.
5.            Melt the butter, add the corn, and heat through.
6.            Add the drained couscous and lima beans to the corn.
7.            At the last moment, add the pepper and heat through.
8.            Season the mixture with salt and freshly ground black pepper and finish with the freshly grated                        horseradish.

1.            The horseradish can be an option.
2.            The corn can be fresh, frozen or tinned, just handle accordingly.
3.            The couscous can be lightly toasted before use.



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