Homemade Cannelloni
(w/ ricotta & spinach filling, topped w/ flavored beschamel
 sauce & fresh tomato sauce)

Pasta Dough
Ingredients       Quantity           Metric                 Specifications
Flour                   300                   Grams (+/-)       
Olive Oil               10                     mL         
Eggs                     4                             
Salt                                                                         To Taste
Water                                                                     *If some additional moisture is required.


1.    Hand knead all ingredients into a well, mix and form dough. (Do not over work dough)
2.    Form into a ball, wrap & rest for 15-20 minutes before rolling.
3.    Process through a pasta roller to the desired thickness.

1.    Pasta machine can be used for better results.
2.    Leaner dough is obtained by substituting 60 mL of cold water for each egg omitted.
Tomato Sauce
Ingredients         Quantity              Measure              Specifications
Plum tomatoes &
juice canned              750                      mL                        Concasse
Olive oil                      50                      mL          
Onions                        90                      G                          Brunoise
Garlic                           4                      Cloves                    Minced or puree
White stock                100                     mL                         Or water
Basil, fresh                    2                     Sprigs                     Chiffonade
Bay leaf                        1                      Pc           
Salt & black pepper                                                             To taste

1.    Squeeze gently and seed the tomatoes.  Cut into concasse.
2.    Strain and save the juice from the tomatoes.
3.    Sweat onions and garlic in olive oil.
4.    Add tomatoes and juice and let simmer for approximately 1 hr.  Use water or stock to correct the  consistency if necessary.
5.    Season to taste and at the last moment add the chiffonade or fresh basil.

1.    If desired, this sauce can be pureed in a blender and a little olive oil can be added during the process.
Flavored Beschamel Sauce
Ingredients         Quantity              Measure              Specifications
Milk                          500                        mL          
Onion                         30                        G                         Diced
Butter                         20                        G             
Flour                          20                         G             
Mushrooms               100                         G                         Thin, sliced
Prosciutto                   10                         G                         Julienne
Wine, white                60                         mL          
Shallots                      15                         G                         Brunoise
Garlic                           1                         Clove                   Puree
Butter                        15                          G             
Parsley, Italian             2                          Sprigs                  Chopped
Cloves                         2                          Pc           
Bay leaf                       1                           Pc           
Salt, mace &
white pepper, milled                                                            To taste

1.     Scald milk w/ diced onions, bay leaf and clove (onion cloutee).
2.     Prepare a white roux.
3.     Combine cooled roux and hot mile and simmer +/- 15 min.
4.     Season and strain (basic béchamel).
5.     Sweat shallots and mushrooms with garlic in butter.
6.     Deglaze with white wine and reduce until almost dry.
7.     Add the strained béchamel sauce.
8.     Add the prosciutto.
9.     Adjust seasoning and add chopped parsley.
10.    Use together with fresh tomato sauce for the cannelloni.

Ricotta & Spinach Filling
Ingredients         Quantity              Measure              Specifications
Ricotta                     225                         G             
Spinach                    ¾                         Bunch   
Garlic                        1                         Clove                     Puree
Parmesan, fresh        15                          G                         Grated
Egg yolk                    1                           Pc           
Onion                       ½                          Pc                        Brunoise
Extra virgin
olive oil                    15                          mL          
Parsley, Italian                                                                   Chopped
Salt and black pepper                                                         To taste
Nutmeg, ground                                                                 To taste
1.    Wash spinach and chop finely.
2.    Sweat onions and garlic gently in oil for a few min.
3.    Add the spinach.
4.    Mix and cook covered over low heat for 2-3 min.
5.    Remove from heat and let cool.
6.    Remove excess liquid (if necessary) from ricotta and place in a bowl.
7.    Add the spinach mixture, parsley, parmesan, egg yolk and seasoning.
8.    Mix well.


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